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Last Updated: 5/17/22

Many often have challenges finding the best down pillow for stomach sleepers. Luckily, Down & Feather has done your research for you: and we’ve created a list of the best firm and soft down pillows for stomach sleepers.

1. Soft Down Pillows

If you most frequently sleep on your stomach, finding the right pillow can be a challenge. Stomach sleepers are in the minority, meaning most pillows on the market aren’t made with them in mind. Because spinal alignment is important no matter how you sleep, a thinner, softer pillow is ideal for stomach sleepers to avoid the neck being tilted too far up, causing pain.

Our soft pillows are made for those who sleep primarily on their stomach. They’re moldable and foldable so users can get their best sleep experience. Soft pillows are light, resilient, and filled with Hungarian white goose down. Stomach sleepers will wake up rested and without the usual sore neck.

2. Snuggle Soft 850 Fill Power Goose Down Pillows (Soft)

The Snuggle Soft 850 is an ideal soft down pillow for stomach sleepers. If you often wake with neck, back, or shoulder stiffness, this may be the perfect pillow for you. Choose the soft support option for a pillow that sleeps thinner and allows for your head, neck, and back to be relatively level and relieve stress off a normally over-arched spine. All intrusive feathers have been removed from this down pillow so you don’t have to worry about being jabbed during the night. With this pillow, you won’t need to worry about anything at all.

3. Hotel Collection Down Pillows (Thinner & Thin)

Our Hotel Collection of down pillows not only have the look of those you’d find in a luxury hotel, they also feel like it. The ultra-premium Hungarian goose down clusters this pillow is filled with make it one of the softest you’ll find. With sizes ranging from standard to Euro 26x26, there’s an option to suit everyone. Stomach sleepers will especially enjoy the thinner and thin support options. These densities provide the spinal alignment necessary for a great night’s sleep.

Choosing the best down pillows for stomach sleepers depends on:

  1. Your Sleep Surface (Mattress Firmness)
  2. Your Sleep Style (Side, Back, Stomach)

1. Sleep Surface Mattress Firmness

No matter if you sleep on the floor, a foam mattress, or a mattress with a pillow top, it is important to understand that your sleeping surface impacts your neck and, in turn, your quality of sleep.

NOTICE: When your mattress is softer, you will compress the sleep surface. This reduces the area your pillow needs to fill.

2. Sleep Style (Stomach Sleepers)

Firm Mattress
Stomach sleepers on a 'firm' surface mattress compress the sleep surface the least. A firmer pillow is best for those who select a firm sleep surface so that the head is properly supported. Firm Down Pillows

Medium Mattress
Stomach sleepers who select a ‘medium’ surface mattress do compress the sleeping surface a fair amount. For proper head support, a medium pillow is recommended. Medium Down Pillows

Soft Mattress
A soft pillow provides ideal head support to stomach sleepers who choose a ‘soft’ surface mattress. These individuals compress the sleeping surface the most. Soft Down Pillows

Pillow Density Formula

Sleep Surface + Sleep Style = Recommended Pillow Density


A man of average height (~ 5’9) who tends to sleep on his back on a pillow top mattress would typically need a soft to medium density pillow.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Selecting a pillow is a very personal decision. Our recommended pillow formula is merely a guideline to help you choose the perfect pillow for you.

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