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Young Man With Down Syndrome Cannot Contain Joy at Meeting Sister’s Boyfriend for First Time

A woman recently recorded the poignant moment when her brother jumped into the arms of her boyfriend as he met him for the first time in Nashville, Tennessee.Lindsey Simon told Storyful that she had an idea her brother Nate, who has Down syndrome, would “run and jump”, and pressed the record button as Nate stormed out of Nashville Airport’s South Terminal and straight into her boyfriend’s arms.The video, recently shared to TikTok, shows the young man, in a flamboyant pineapple suit with a matching bucket hat, running towards 28-year-old Riggin and abandoning his suitcase before jumping into his arms.Simon said that Nate had been asking everyone to be her boyfriend for years. “It’s become our basis of content,” she explained. “Me looking for a boyfriend and making videos about it. So our followers always knew how badly he wanted for me to get one, and how much his opinion mattered.”She said that Nate and Riggin had been chatting on SnapChat and FaceTime every day. “They brush their teeth together every night and truly have built such an amazing relationship,” she said, adding that Nate had been counting down the days until he met Riggin.Simon added that one of the reasons she and Riggin had “really hit it off” from the start was because he had a sister with Down syndrome. Credit: Lindsey Simon via Storyful