Danish business leaders hopeful over investment prospects in India

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Danish business leaders, who met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Copenhagen on Tuesday, expressed hope over investment prospects in India and growing bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Danish counterpart Mette Frederiksen met top business leaders from India and Denmark at India-Denmark Business Forum.

After meeting PM Modi, Jens-Peter Saul, President and CEO of Ramboll Group, praised PM Modi’s leadership in the area of green growth.

“I think it’s an ambitious leadership. I mean it’s a fantastic nation, and a very big nation but with the scale comes a lot of problems. And therefore transformation towards a green future is one of the main tasks you can have on this planet,” he said.

Appreciating today’s India-Denmark Business Forum, Saul foresees immense opportunities in collaborating with India on the Green Energy transition.

“I think there is an opportunity, especially in collaboration and having that foresight to team up with a country like Denmark that has been working for 30 years on the Green Energy transition to see how we can combine the experience and knowledge,” he said.

Peter Foss, from the food quality analyzer company Foss, spoke on the positive impact of reforms undertaken by the Narendra Modi government in India.

Answering a question on reforms in India in connection with food processing, he said it is very positive what is happening in India in this area. “Our small role is to assist in making sure that farmers get a transparent and fair payment and that we can assist in making sustainable food production in India for 1.4 billion people,” he said.

Lauding the reforms undertaken in India, Peter Foss said the reforms that are taking place are certainly supporting and making it likely that you will succeed in this transition. “And we are fortunate enough to have technology companies that can assist you in this process.”

“We had a very positive conference here. One thing that all Dans took away from this session was his (PM Modi’s idea) fear of missing out. His advice to the Danish technology companies is ‘don’t miss out’ on investing in India which has a great future for us,” he added.

Lastly, Foss stressed that there is a sense among the Danish business leaders that are looking forward to doing more business in India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier today pitched India as the go-to destination for investment saying, those who don’t invest in India will certainly miss out.

“These days the term FOMO or ‘fear of missing out’ is gaining traction on social media. Looking at India’s reforms and investment opportunities, I can say that those who don’t invest in our nation will certainly miss out,” said PM Modi at India-Denmark Business Forum.

PM Modi Modi and his Danish counterpart Mette Frederiksen also held delegation-level talks on a range of regional and global issues.

In a joint press conference with Prime Minister Modi, Danish PM said that Denmark and India are moving fast in transforming our Green Strategic Partnership into some concrete results.

“The Indian government has high ambitions for the green transition and for making India more independent of fossil fuels.I am convinced that India and Denmark have huge untapped potential for trade and investment,” she added. (ANI)