Donation and the Metaverse investment meet. The virtual stocks investment & donation platform- Metastock.

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– Gaia Investment launches ‘Metastock’, which is the world’s very first donation-type, virtual stocks platform. – The new innovation for the spreading of the donation culture- The meeting between the investment and the donation.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – April 20, 2022 —

In the Metaverse world, in which the investment fever- including the virtual real estates, the NFT, the P2E games, etc.- has been blowing, there is a corporation that had presented a new concept. 

To a lot of the investors who jumped in for the proliferation of the assets, the card called“donation”, which can, perhaps, become an exactly opposite concept, was taken out. 

At first thought, it is a combination of the words that do not harmonize with each other. However, the management of Gaia Investment had raised their voice that, according to the rapid growth of the size of the Metaverse market, the donation culture, also, must keep in step with the trends. 

Metastock, a game that establishes a virtual corporation on the second earth, that purchases the stocks, and that shares the investment profits.

 Gaia Investment stated that it will open the ‘Metastock’ service soon at the end of a preparation for 1 year. At the present, the prior subscribers have been recruited. And, through an event, it has been hoping that more Metaverse investors will have the interest in the donation.

In the ‘Meta World’, which means the Metastock world, one can meet the dinosaur

corporations, including Google, Tesla, etc., which we had known fully well, in the startup phase. Regarding Gaia Investment, while explaining by saying,“The members do the initial purchases of the stocks. And, together with the growth of Metastock, making the profit through the dividend profits, the transaction profits, etc., is the method of use of the Metastock platform.” And it emphasized by saying,“The dream to become an initial investor of Google and Tesla can be experienced within the world of the Meta World. A platform that materializes a dream that could not be achieved in the reality by providing a second earth to the people.”

Metastock can sell or donate the stocks of a second earth to a different user. 

Q. If you were to explain concisely regarding Metastock?

A. Metastock is a project that had been planned by obtaining an idea after seeing a virtual real estate platform. Gaia Investment was a company that had proceeded with a donation business previously. After seeing the Metaverse market that makes the profit while purchasing and transacting the virtual real estates, the fusion between Metaverse and the donation was recollected.

Regarding the virtual real estates, by purchasing the tiles and by transacting these, they make the profit. Regarding Metastock, by going further by one more phase from here, the virtual corporate stocks are purchased, and the dividends are received. And these can be transacted or donated.

Q. What is the reason behind the donation by Metastock being special?

A. Each stock owner can continuously receive the dividends according to the transaction fee of the concerned corporation and according to the growth of the Metastock platform. By donating these stocks to the place that had been desired, a continuous donation passageway gets around to being made. The most important thing in the donation business is the continuous and long-term donation culture. Regarding Metastock, by introducing the concept of donating the virtual stocks to the real society, it connects the Metaverse world and the reality, and, at the same time, it can make a continuous donation.

 Q. What about the formal opening of Metastock?

A. It will take place during the 2nd quarter. A wallet, too, which can be used by being linked with Metastock, has been under development. And, together with the investment place, the donation place, too, has been looked for. Until before the formal opening, by securing the maximally many subscribers, the spreading of the donation culture has been the goal.

“Metaverse and blockchain are the next-generation industries that harmonize the best with the donation culture.”

Q. If there had been a reason behind combining the investment and the donation?

A. The Metaverse investment is the field in which the people had succeeded with the asset proliferation the biggest very recently. Although, regarding the donation act, too, there must be the creed, too, of the person concerned, it takes place more easily when the economic base is supported. Just like there is a tax at a place where there is an income, the income and the donation being together is the directionality of the ideal donation culture. Because it is highly expected that there will be a bigger growth in the future, we have been hoping for the spreading of the donation culture in addition to the success of the platform. 

Q. What is the background for a company to do the continuous donations?

A. Differently from the many blockchain corporations of which the profits are unstable, Gaia Investment has the self-profit business and the investment business. Through Metastock, the investment money can be utilized for the diverse profit-making businesses and the investment businesses. And the source of the profit that takes place here gets used as the dividends and the donations. Of course, without any relationship to the company, if the continuous donations by the platform users occur, it is the most ideal.

Q. After the formal opening, if there is an additional goal?

A. It is planned that, after the opening, the ecosystem of the VGL, which is a self-cryptocurrency, will be expanded, and an additional service will be introduced to Metastock. Through the self-main net, the amount of the information of the NFT is increased. And, through this, by making the donation details, the results, etc. into the NFT, it is supported so that it can be kept in the wallet of oneself. Regarding the NFT that had been made, by converting to clayton or an ethereum chain, by making it possible to exhibit at a different NFT exchange, including Open C and the others of the like, it will help so that the pride and the self-praise regarding donation can be felt.


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