EU commissioner urges WB countries to work together to implement investment plan

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On the October 6, 2020 the European Commission adopted a comprehensive Economic and Investment Plan for the Western Balkans, which aims to spur the long-term economic recovery of the region, support a green and digital transition, foster regional integration and convergence with the European Union.

The Economic and Investment Plan sets out a substantial investment package mobilizing up to EUR 9 billion of founding for the region. The Economic and Investment Plan identifies 10 leading investment objectives and aims to encourage long-term recovery, accelerate the green and digital transition and maintain regional cooperation and harmonization with the EU. According to the expectations, support through the new Instrument Guarantee for the Western Balkans, can obtain up 20 billion euros in the next 10 years.

At a news conference with Albanian PM, Edi Rama, the EU commissioner urged Western Balkan countries to work together in order to implement this ambitious plan which will act as a booster for the economies of the region.

Meanwhile, the EU Commissioner also said that he backs the idea of a Balkan mini-Schengen, which will enable free movement of goods, services and people in the region.  TemA

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