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If there’s one good thing to come from 2020, it’s that many of us have found ourselves with more money stored away in our savings accounts*.

© If you don’t think you’ll need access to any extra savings for at least five years, and are prepared…

Savings are a vital part of your financial plans. Ideally, you want enough saved to cover your outgoings and unexpected expenses. Plus a little bit more to cover short-term needs.

Your next focus in your journey towards financial security could be to boost your long-term savings.

If you don’t think you’ll need access to any extra savings for at least five years, and are prepared to take some risks with your money, investing could help you potentially achieve stronger returns.

There were lots of headlines last year about markets falling because of the pandemic. But in reality, uncertainty across stock markets is nothing out of the ordinary.

This is where Aberdeen Standard Investments’ expert, Joe Wiggins, comes in. With over 16 years’ investment management experience, he knows a thing or two about investing during uncertain times.

“The problem with most of the news and information we read or hear that we think impacts investments is the vast majority of it is entirely meaningless over the long-term,” he explains.

“Sensible investment planning is about making sure you build a portfolio that is resilient to a range of different scenarios. And is able to meet your objectives over the long-run.”

At Skipton, we’re here to help you review your plans. We’ll take the time to understand what you want to achieve with your money and explore potential options.

There’s no obligation to act on our personalised advice – you can take the time you need to assess your next steps.

Stock market-based investments put your capital at risk and you may get back less than you invested. The value of your investments and any income from them may fall as well as rise.

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* Fidelity – Financial Pain of Covid has Fallen Unequally (2020)