Top Stock Market Tips: Anil Singhvi lays down the roadmap for 2021, says eventful year coming for traders

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The expectations from the stock markets in 2021 are sky-high, considering the kind of rally they have enjoyed over the last six months. As the new year begins from today, traders are curious to know what trends will the markets follow? What should be the strategy to maximise profits? Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi lays down the roadmap for 2021.

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The Market Guru said that there is a simple strategy for all traders for this year and that is to stick with the trends at all times. If and when there is a trend reversal you will have it on your television screens, the Managing Editor said. He further said that Zee Business will be there to inform viewers about all that is happening in the markets. The channel will tell investors when the trend reversal takes place and various permutations, combinations thereof, SInghvi said.  

Singhvi added that traders should know their stop-loss and strictly apply it while trading in the markets. The stop-loss should be followed while going with the market trends, he further said. 

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Traders have shown a lot of discipline while trading in the markets during the March-April months. The same strategy is to be applied this time too, he said.  

His advice to investors is to not get caught in any kind of euphoria. He said that the traders should take only those number of positions that they can handle. They should know when they have to become neutral or reduce positions in the markets and vice versa. 

Significantly, the Market Guru added that the markets will give indications of the patterns. Till that time, traders are advised to stick with the patterns.  

Singhvi said that this year will belong to the traders. As for investors, there could be some challenges. Investors are also advised to maintain discipline. 

Notably, the Market Guru concluded by saying that they may not get high returns this time, but there will definitely be good returns.