Trump-Biden transition live updates: Trump back at WH, Biden plans COVID memorial

In a previously recorded campaign-style video posted to Twitter Thursday, President Donald Trump touted what he views as his many presidential accomplishments: producing COVID-19 vaccines, repairing the economy and stopping “endless foreign wars” in the Middle East. 

When it comes to vaccines, Trump said, “Our most vulnerable citizens are already receiving the vaccine and millions of doses are quickly being shipped all across our country.”
The president promised that “by early next year the vaccine will be available to every American.”

The Trump administration had promised that 20 million people would be vaccinated by the end of the year. As of Wednesday morning, 2,794,588 Americans had received vaccine doses and 12.4 million doses had been distributed, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Trump also boasted about the economy, saying, “Through the Paycheck Protection Program, we saved or supported more than 51 million American jobs, and we’re doing numbers now like nobody’s ever seen before, including having the highest stock market in the history of the world.”

“We have slashed the unemployment rate from 14.7%, all the way down to 6.7%,” Trump said. “Our economy is growing at the most rapid rate ever recorded. … Nobody can compete with us in terms of going down less, and going up by far the fastest and the best. Whenever America’s challenged, we always rise to the occasion.”

Many economists, however, have argued that the economy is rebounding in a K-shape, as opposed to a V-shape, with the rich getting richer and the working class still struggling.

The president also touched on foreign affairs.

“We have secured our borders and paused immigration to protect American workers,” Trump said. “And after years of endless foreign wars we are signing historic peace deals in the Middle East. It’s all ending in the Middle East. We have to hope it keeps going. It’s so easy if you know what you’re doing.”

While Trump has successfully pushed to normalize relations between Israel and many Middle Eastern countries, it’s not accurate to say they are “peace deals” and they have come at the expense of Palestinians and aligned the countries against Iran. Iran, and its nuclear ambitions, continues to be a thorn in America’s side. Trump has drawn down forces from Afghanistan and Iraq, but promised negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban fell apart and ISIS and al-Qaida affiliates are taking advantage of the insecurity in Syria, Northern Africa and elsewhere.

ABC News’ Elizabeth Thomas contributed to this report.