Stock Market Outlook 2021: In chat with Anil Singhvi, analyst Vijay Chopra recommends Nalco; Know why it is poised for bumper returns

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The Indian stock markets have been on a ride over the past six months making 2020 end on a good note. But the anticipation for the new year is only building up now. In chat With Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi, top experts have given their outlook along with some useful tips to get big gains. In line with this, another expert Vijay Chopra has given his top stock recommendation. 

Top Stcks to buy in 2021 – National Aluminium Company 

This analyst recommended National Aluminium Company (Nalco), aNavratna CPSE under the Ministry of Mines. This is a leading company in the business of Aluminium in India. It is a big aluminium miner. The alumina is extracted from bauxite mines and Nalco’s quality of alumina and bauxite being extracted from its mines are top class, he said. 

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If one compares the quality of Nalco’s mines with its peers, the mines stand out he added. 

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This stock is currently trading around RS 42. The dividend yield given by this company is very good, Chopra said. The dividend yield last year was around 94 per cent and the price was around Rs 135 which has now gone upwards of Rs 165. He said that because of this the dividend yield is expected to remain high and in excess of last year. It could even go up to 100 per cent, he further said. 

The stock is very attractive in terms of valuations. He said that the stock has the potential to go up between Rs 60 and Rs 65. The stock should be accumulated with a view of 6 months, Chopra said.