Televangelist Pat Robertson tells Donald Trump 'it's time to move on'

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Televangelist Pat Robertson said he thought the election was ‘over’ and President-elect Joe Biden would be the next president, as he encouraged President Donald Trump to abandon up his quest to overturn the election result. 

‘You’ve had your day and it’s time to move on,’ Robertson said, adding that he believed Trump was living in an ‘alternate reality’ where the president actually believed his lies. 

Robertson’s comments come after he previously predicted Trump would win the 2020 presidential election hands down – and then an asteroid would hit earth. 

‘I think it’s all over,’ the conservative Christian commentator said. ‘I think the Electoral College has spoken. I think the Biden corruption has not totally been brought to fruition, but it doesn’t seem to be affecting the Electoral College and I don’t think the Supreme Court is going to move in to do anything, and I think we’re going to see a President Biden, and I also think we’re going to be a President Kamala Harris not too long after the inaugration of President Biden.’ 

A number of conservatives have publicly floated that Biden, who is 78-years-old, won’t make it through his first term. 

Turning to Trump, Robertson said, ‘With all his talent and his ability to raise money and grow large crowds, the president still lives in an alternate reality, he really does.’  

Robertson pointed to Trump’s boast that his inaugural crowd was bigger than President Barack Obama’s and his claims that he brought NBC the biggest ratings ever with ‘The Apprentice.’  

‘He isn’t lying, to him that’s the truth,’ Robertson said. 

Robertson talked about the devotion the evangelical community felt for Trump and praised for doing a ‘marvelous job for the economy.’ 

‘But, at the same time, he is very erratic and he’s fired people and he’s fought people and he’s insulted people and he keeps going down the line,’ Robertson said. 

He said, overall, Trump’s record has been a ‘mixed bag’ as he encouraged the president to leave. 

As of Monday night, Trump was still tweeting and trying to get state legislatures to replace their Electoral College electors, even though the Electoral College cemented Biden’s win one week ago.  

In October, Roberson said that God told him Trump would win the election. 

He then predicted that there would be social unrest after Trump’s win, including two attempts on the president’s life, and also Israel would be at war. 

Then there would be ‘at least five years or more of extraordinary peace’ before an asteroid would hit Earth, according to The Hill newspaper. 

The 90-year-old Robertson has wrongly predicted Earth’s destruction several times through his decades-long career. 

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