Stock market trends neutral now, honeymoon period over, says Anil Singhvi

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The stock markets are now in a somber mood and have sounded a warning to the investors to assess the situation before taking positions, Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi opines. He said that the honeymoon period is now over, and the investors and trader are required to trade with caution.  

The markets have been buoyant for quite some time now and allowed the investors to make handsome money from possibly everywhere. That phase is over now, the Market Guru said. 

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He further said that this is not the only change on Tuesday from Monday. There is a change of sentiments, he added.  

What should investors do? 

If the investors want to know what the mood of the markets will be from here; how long will the current situation last; should they reduce their positions or not, then the Market Guru has a few top suggestions? 

The Market Guru said that if the traders are still wanting to increase their positions and want to know if that correction phase is over or their will be further corrections, Singhvi said that it will be known only as the day progresses. It is difficult the presume the market behaviour at this stage.  

His advice to investors is to focus on levels instead of the timing.   

He said that the existing situation has changed the mindset of both types of traders – be it an aggressive trader or the passive traders. This means that both are of the view that the market participation is to be reduced.  

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Crucial Nifty, Bank Nifty Levels 

The level where the traders need to go aggressive is the Nifty at 13,550. If the Nifty ends above this level on Tuesday, it can be safely assumed that this was a running correction, the Managing Editor said. This would indicate that the markets will resume their upwards trends after shedding some point to get lighter.  

As for Bank Nifty, the crucial levels is 30,200. Just to be safe enough, one can also consider it at 30,500. If the Bank Nifty closes above 30,200, it should be seen as a running correction, Singhvi said. 

The stock markets are currently in a neutral trend from the positive trend.