Top 10 Breakthrough Energy Ideas for the next 10 years

As millions of people cope with the impact of climate change and global warming, the need intensifies for global energy strategies that address the very real challenges facing governments and populations worldwide. 

It is no surprise to see major investment into finding solutions to the crises facing the globe today – particularly around finding alternative energy sources that are efficient and effective replacements for fossil fuels.

The pace of global climate change poses a major threat to natural ecosystems due to the irreversible consequences caused. 

“From the standpoint of economic efficiency, the ideas presented in the report are not a wide departure from traditional energy. The need for hydrocarbons, for oil, for the gas chemistry industry will not disappear,” says Sergey Brilev, president of the Global Energy Association, a non-profit organisation established to stimulate and support research and innovation in the field of energy, and to promote energy cooperation.

“But these are ideas for the future to reduce CO2 emissions and to create an alignment of balanced energy systems and integrated energy companies,” Brilev adds, pointing out that technology based on these ideas calls for growth in energy efficiency and energy conservation, and for the development of renewable energy.

In operation since 2002, the Association’s co-founders are Gazprom, Rosseti Group, and Surgutneftegas – Russian energy companies operating in the gas, electric and hydrocarbon sectors, respectively.

Earlier this month, the Association’s first annual report – Ten Breakthrough Ideas in Energy for the next 10 years – was released. 

Here are the 10 ideas summarised: