Jim Rogers Says A Market Crash Is Not Happening Right Away

There’s simply too much money injected into the monetary system by central banks to allow a sizeable bear market to take place soon, said Jim Rogers, investor and chairman of Rogers Holdings.

“Many stocks in the U.S. are down in 2020. There are a few stocks that are going through the roof every day. Some parts of the U.S. market are developing a beginning of a bubble, but many parts of the markets are not, that’s why I suspect [this rally] is going to go on for a while,” Rogers said.

Investors should be wary to identify which areas of the markets are exhibiting bubbles.

“It is beginning to [a bubble] in some stocks and in other countries as well, China, Japan, but in the U.S. I don’t know anywhere where there’s a full-fledged bubble yet in any stock market. The bond market is in a market. The bond market all over the world is a bubble, but I don’t know any stock market that’s a full-fledged bubble yet,” he said.

One of Rogers’ investment philosophies is to buy things that are either ignored or “hated”. One such asset is the Chinese wine industry.

“Chinese wine companies recently…the virus has caused bars to close, restaurants to close, people stopped going out, that’s starting to change, I can see it on the internet,” he said. “As far as I can tell, they have good products, decent management.”

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