Overcoming Your Biggest Challenge – Investing in Tax Liens with The Tax Lien Lady

East Stroudsburg, PA, December 13, 2020 –(PR.com)– What is your biggest challenge when it comes to investing in tax liens or tax deeds?

“I posed that question recently to my subscribers and I got a few responses, So for the next few weeks, I’ll be doing a Facebook Live at 2 pm on Thursdays to respond to these challenges,” said Joanne Musa, The Tax Lien Lady. “I’ll be offering solutions to your biggest challenges for investing in tax liens and tax deeds. And each week, I’ll also be giving a special offer on one of my programs or services that can help overcome that particular challenge.”

These “Overcoming Challenges” weekly live streams will be in the Investing For Success private Facebook group. It’s free to join the group, and anyone can join by answering a couple of questions and agreeing to the terms of use. Joining Facebook will be needed to become a member. The group is at https://facebook.com/groups/InvestingForSuccess.

The first streaming happened on December 3rd. Joanne talked about the challenges that foreigners have for investing in tax liens and tax deeds in the U.S. And solutions were given to these challenges plus a special offer for the next Live Virtual Workshop. For those who are not on Facebook…here’s the video from the live stream:

Upcoming Workshop…
In this live stream, Joanne mentioned an upcoming workshop for Texas tax sales that will happen on Sunday, December 13. For this workshop, The Tax Lien Lady will be teaching with a special guest, Arnie Abramson. Arnie is the expert when it comes to Texas Tax Sales. So guess what the next Live Virtual Workshop is about?
That’s right, it’s on Texas Tax Sales.

Why Texas? Well, the last workshop was on redeemable tax deeds and Texas is a redeemable tax deed state. It’s also the most profitable redeemable deed state, with a 25% penalty and redemption of only 6 months for non-homesteaded properties. But it’s also the only redeemable deed state where the buyer of the tax deed is considered the owner of the property when he or she purchases the deed at the tax sale. The previous owner does have the right to redeem the property, but the tax deed purchaser is the owner of the property.

This Live Online Workshop will take place from 1 pm to 3 pm Eastern time on Sunday, December 13, 2020, and will be recorded. A workbook and resource materials will be provided.

Here’s what will be covered in this hands-on 2-hour virtual training…
· What is needed to know about Texas Tax Sales before investing
· What is needed to be done after the purchase of a Texas Tax Deed
· What to watch out for
· When and Where these tax sales tax place
· How to easily invest in Texas Tax Deeds and Have someone else do some or all of the work

During this 2-hour virtual live workshop, discover what makes Texas tax deeds different from tax liens or tax deeds and how the COVID-19 shut down has affected some of the Texas tax sales this year. Register now to attend the live virtual workshop for only $249. But only if enrolled before Sunday, December 13, the day of the workshop.

The training will be recorded and as long as registration happened by Sunday, December 13, the recording and all the course materials are a part of the payment. After that, the workshop recording and all the materials will be part of a course that sells for $397.

Register now and get the live training, the recording, and all the materials at half the price of the new course! Learn which counties are the best redeemable deed counties to invest in and how to register and bid at these tax sales. Doors close for the live workshop at 12 pm (noon) Eastern time on December 13, 2020, and seats are limited. Here is the link to register for the December 13th training: https://www.taxlienlady.com/tax-lien-investing-workshops/texas-tax-sales/