Cal Thomas’ perspective on Trump economy off the mark (Letters)

I vehemently disagree with Cal Thomas in his column claiming President Donald Trump is winning on the economy, “Trump still winning on economy,” Dec. 9, page A4.

Millions of people have either lost their jobs, took a cut in pay or have taken extra jobs to make ends meet.  The stock market is not owned or run by Trump.  Trump was not re-elected because he is a failure.  He failed everyone with his inaction regarding the virus even though the science was in staring him in the face.

It is because of Trump that this country’s middle class and poor are suffering.  He did not invent the vaccine; he failed to purchase enough product to vaccinate the country and thinks an executive order can put Americans before others; he shows his selfish disregard for others. He has miserably failed our environment.  He is a failure because of his arrogant and ignorant behaviors for which our country has suffered a loss of respect from the entire world.

His threatening and destroying anyone who disagrees with him has left a bitter taste in constituents mouth.  He doesn’t care about people of color.  He has killed the Republican party. He has split this country and is the cause of violence that has been breaking out in our country.  His belief in conspiracy theories and pushing those theories on a tv network is disgraceful.

His reckless behavior with pardoning, along with his abuse of the constitution does not warrant a pat on the back.  As an Independent voter, (one who used to be a Republican), I believe he will go down in history as the worst president this country has ever seen.  Cal Thomas shows his bias in every column he writes; his use of the words “radical” and liberal and socialists are a repetition of Trump’s mantra.  Blaming the media also seems to be one of Mr. Thomas’ specialties.  How very sad for all of us.

Marilyn Gentile, Feeding Hills