Good Soil Investment Launches Accelerated Opportunities LP

NOVATO, Calif., Dec. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – Good Soil Investment Management, founded by Emmet Peppers, a former prime brokerage salesman and independent investor who, since 2010, grew an initial $30,000 investment into more than $70 million, has launched its first hedge fund—Accelerated Opportunities LP Concentrated Growth Fund—which is focused on investing in exchange-traded early-stage, U.S.-based disruptive publicly traded companies while pioneering a fee structure that will divert half of all management fees to select charities.  

A 506(c) offering, Accelerated Opportunities LP is now raising investor capital. Since Peppers launched the fund in January with $100,000 of his own money, it has generated just over a 10,000% gross return from start date to Nov 30th. Peppers’ trading philosophy is based on his proprietary process, which includes a deep dive into trends, identifying key investors and resources to glean insight, and combining it with a focus on mass psychology. To yield maximum returns, Accelerated Opportunities LP will also consider purchasing long-dated options contracts.

While Peppers is passionate about investing, he is equally committed to giving back and hopes that his  innovative fee structure—where half of both management fees (2%) and performance fees (20%) are donated to select charities—inspires other investment managers to adopt similar practices.

“My goal is not just for this fund by itself to be successful but to also set an example for a new trend of social good within capitalism,” Peppers said. “We’ve seen ESG (environmental, social and governance) become a bigger and bigger trend, and I believe charitable giving should become the next way for capitalism to continue evolving successfully. I want to show that capitalism can give back beyond simply paying taxes.”

Fees earmarked for donations will go to the Peppers Family Good Soil Foundation, which supports a variety of local, national and international charities, including International Justice Mission, Nutrition Coalition and charter schools such as Success Academy.

The company is working with Simon Riveles, of Riveles Wahab, LLP, the premier law firm representing hedge and private equity funds, on legal and compliance issues.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Emmet for almost 10 years,” Riveles said. “I’m excited to be closely involved with Good Soil Investment Management to bring Accelerated Opportunities’ strategy and charitable mandate to the fund community.”

Peppers has owned shares and options in Tesla since 2011 and was an early investor in Facebook. Before launching Good Soil Investment Management, Peppers was a 14-year employee at Interactive Brokers, where he was involved in institutional sales, working closely with small hedge fund portfolio managers. From this vantage point, Peppers developed his overall investment philosophy, which favors new ways of thinking over more typical investing strategies.

Peppers continues to use Interactive Brokers as his prime broker, pointing to the company’s superior technology, stability and safety.

For more information about Good Soil Investment Management, please contact Lisa Palacio at 973-850-7317 or [email protected]

About Good Soil Investment
Accelerated Opportunities LP (“Accelerated,” the “Fund”) launched in January 2020 to invest in a highly selective set of U.S.-based companies whose innovative products and services we expect will fundamentally change industries and generate exponential growth over time. The Fund typically takes long and short positions in highly liquid equities to express its thesis and will often use exchange-traded options to accelerate the performance of the highest conviction ideas in the portfolio or to protect capital. For more information, visit

Disclaimer: The Fund is highly speculative and involves a high degree of risk. As a consequence, it is only suitable for qualified sophisticated investors. This release does not constitute an offer of securities. Such an offer may only be made by means of a private placement memorandum. The information contained in this release is not complete and is qualified in its entirety by the reference to the more detailed information contained in the Private Placement Memorandum of the Fund.

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