5 Women in Real Estate Investing to Know About

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Investing has historically been a male-dominated career path, but in recent years, more women have been bucking that trend — especially in real estate investing. From home flipping and short-term rentals to property syndication and wholesaling, females all over the country are finding creative, effective ways to make money off of real estate.

Want some good examples? Just need a little inspiration to take that next step in your career? These five powerful women are here for it.

1. Annie Dickerson

Annie is the COO of GoodEgg Investments, a real estate syndication firm aimed at helping moms earn solid, passive income from real estate. Annie’s passion for real estate bloomed when serving as creative director for her husband’s brokerage, but after having kids, she was determined to tap that passion — and the profits — in a more passive way. She stumbled on property syndications and after seeing great returns, ultimately started her own investing firm to help other moms do the same. She’s currently on the Forbes Real Estate Council, hosts a weekly podcast (“Investing for Good“), and has a book available on Amazon.

2. Rashauna Scott

Rashauna is a seasoned Chicago real estate agent and home flipper who documents her journey through “Flippin’ in Heels” — a blog and highly followed Instagram account. If you’re looking to get started in fix-and-flips, put this one on your list. Her before-and-after photos are nothing short of jaw-dropping — both transformation- and style-wise. She also posts content around wholesaling and landlording, so it’s a whole treasure trove of information newbies won’t want to miss. Her personal Instagram account is a great follow, too.

3. P.E. Barnes

P.E. is another Chicago agent-slash-investor with a weighty resume (and social media following). With 15 years of investing under her belt, she’s done it all: flipping, landlording, multifamily properties, and more. P.E. penned the book Real Estate & Chill, which 87% of Amazon readers gave 5 out of 5 stars, and Riley the Real Estate Investor, a real estate investing book for kids. Want more visual content? Try her Instagram or YouTube channel. “Female is New Face of Real Estate” is a particularly fitting watch.

4. Alexis Lee

Alexis is an Atlanta-based investor, developer, property rehab expert, and landlord. She started her real estate career rehabbing foreclosure properties and has since built a wide-ranging portfolio that includes both short- and long-term rental properties. She’s an Airbnb Superhost and offers rehabbing classes and mentorship opportunities. Check out her Instagram account (complete with 20,000-plus followers!)

5. Melody Riazati

Melody is a multifaceted real estate pro from San Diego. She’s a seasoned broker, a rehabber, and owner of Riazati Homes, which specializes in buying distressed properties and helping homeowners avoid foreclosure. If you’re considering flipping, her before-and-afters and rehab content on Instagram are must-sees.

Need more inspiration?

Looking for more successful investors to emulate and follow? Check out our list of the top real estate investing influencers for more guidance.

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