FinecoBank adds Carmignac OEIC funds to its investing platform

LONDON, Dec. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — FinecoBank today announced that funds from the independent asset manager Carmignac will be available on the Fineco investing platform. 

Fineco customers can now access a range of Carmignac products that are managed by a team of experienced fund managers and have a flexible approach combined with active risk management. Products on offer include FP Carmignac European Leaders, a high-conviction, bottom-up European ex-UK Equity strategy and FP Carmignac Patrimoine, a global multi-asset solution focused on long-term growth with a strong track record built up over more than 30 years.

Paolo Di Grazia, deputy general manager, Fineco: “We’re proud to offer to our growing customer base the access to a new series of highly recognised products, as we’re noticing a continued demand from our clients for innovative active management solutions. We’re on track to delivering our commitment to further broaden the number of asset managers available on Fineco’s one-stop-solution, through which we’re offering banking, investing and trading services in a single, unified online platform.”

Maxime Carmignac, Managing Director UK Branch, Carmignac: “Fineco has been a long-term partner for Carmignac in Italy and we are delighted to extend this trusted relationship to the UK. At Carmignac, we are committed to actively managing our clients’ savings over the long-term through a concentrated range of funds that have strong expertise. This reinforced partnership with Fineco will allow us to fuel our sustainable development in the UK and provide more investors with investing solutions that meet their long-term objectives and aspirations.”

These new funds further increase the available choices for investors. This year, Fineco has also announced partnerships with JP Morgan Asset Management, Fidelity Investments, Aberdeen Investments, M&G Investments, and Columbia Threadneedle Investments.

About FinecoBank

Launched in 2017 in UK, FinecoBank, the multi-currency bank and one of the most important FinTech banks in Europe, has built an integrated business model proposing customers its One-Stop-Solution: it offers from a single account banking, trading and investment services through innovative transactional platforms developed with proprietary technologies. Fineco represents a new way of banking, a smart way to invest money.

Fineco’s mission is to simplify customers’ lives when dealing with financial services, and has developed a very powerful yet user-friendly platform.

About Carmignac

Carmignac is an independent asset management firm, established in 1989 on three core principles that still stand true today: entrepreneurial spirit, human-driven insight and active commitment. We are as entrepreneurial today as we have always been; our team of fund managers keeping the freedom and courage to perform independent risk analysis, translate it into strong convictions and implement them. Our collaborative culture of debate, on-the-ground work and in-house research means we will always enhance data analysis with human-driven insight to better manage complexity and evaluate hidden risks. We are both active managers and active partners: committed to our clients, providing transparency on our investment decisions and always accountable for them. With a capital entirely held by the family and staff, Carmignac is now one of Europe’s leading asset managers, operating from 7 different offices. Today, as throughout our history, we are committed to try harder and better to actively manage our clients’ savings over the long-term.