The world sees India as a trustworthy partner, got record investment in testing times of COVID-19: PM Modi

In these testing times of COVID-19, India has got record investment and much of this investment has come in the technology sector. “Clearly, the world sees India as a trustworthy and promising partner,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi while delivering the keynote address at the IIT 2020 Global Summit on Friday.

The government is fully committed to the principle of “reform, perform and transform,” he added.

Noting that cutting edge and innovative work is happening across many sectors in India, PM Modi said there is no sector that is not benefitting from reforms. “The government has brought path-breaking reforms in the labour sector, assimilating 44 Union labour laws into just four codes. The corporate tax rate in India is one of the lowest in the world,” he said.

He added that India is witnessing a sea change in the way it works. “Things we thought could never happen are being delivered at great speed,” he said.

Referring to the Cabinet recently clearing a path-breaking Production Linked Incentive Scheme in ten key sectors, PM Modi said this decision was taken to enhance exports as well as manufacturing. These sectors include battery, electronics, pharma, automobiles, telecom, solar energy and others. Modi said each of these sectors is related to technology.

Earlier in October, while speaking at the Bengaluru Tech Summit, one of the oldest and most definitive events in the ICT, Electronics, and Biotechnology sector, he said that technology is the prime reason the government schemes have gone beyond files and have impacted the lives of Indians at speed and at scale. This also gives the confidence that our country can vaccinate a huge population against the COVID-19 virus in a short period of time.

PM Modi said that in 2022, India marks 75 years since independence and urged the PanIIT movement to set an even higher benchmark for “giving back to India”.

In his address at the summit organised by the PanIIT USA, PM Modi said, “I know that many of you mentor your juniors in choosing the right career paths – whether in academia or industry. Today, many of them want to start up their own ventures. They are bright and confident youngsters trying to make a mark through their hardwork and innovation”.

He urged the IIT alumni to share more of their ideas and inputs on how India can mark 75 years of its freedom.

“Our actions today will shape our planet tomorrow. The post-COVID-19 order will be about relearning, rethinking, re-innovating and re-inventing in almost every field. This, along with a series of economic reforms, is what will re-energise our planet,” PM Modi said.

It will ensure ease of living and positively impact the poor as well as marginalised, he said.

Addressing the Virtual Global Investor Roundtable (VGIR) 2020 earlier in November, the prime minister had also highlighted that India is the best place to attract foreign investments. 

“If you want returns with reliability, India is the place to be. If you want demand with democracy, India is the place to be. If you want stability with sustainability, India is the place to be. If you want growth with a green approach, India is the place to be,” PM Modi said.