Low Investment Businesses to Start amid COVID-19 —They Still Exist, but Startups don’t Know

While the world is grappling with the Corona crisis, many startups and small businesses are worrying about whether they will ever see their dream come true or reopen their closed businesses.

But, you know there have been more than 500,000 EIN (employee identification number) applications filed to the Administration in the USA since mid-March to mid-April, The New York Times report. However, the number is down by 20% as compared to the same period in 2020.

When it comes to starting a business during an economic recession, it seems like a tricky task to do, but companies are still being opened.

If you are the one looking to start their own businesses, then we have a round-up of unique business ideas that you should consider starting. Let’s explore;

#1. Local Grocery Delivery Service

When we say local grocery delivery business, we don’t mean to start like Instacart, Amazon Fresh, or others. All we are suggesting is to start small, covering the local area initially. It won’t cost more to set up —a vehicle and a dedicated cell phone will help you start this business.

You may need extra effort to market your business as you know your and nearby region. You can start serving senior citizens, or the people are busy with jobs and businesses. You can offer them a community-friendly service.

Meanwhile, you can also connect with local grocery stores around the region and convince them to make you their delivery partner. This business does not need any higher investment, though it’s highly profitable and possesses a great future scope.

#2. Boat Cleaning

Even though this business needs experience and training apart from a business license and permit, you can consider starting this boat cleaning service. This business does not require money to start, though you need to make connections. 

During winter, boats are hauled out of the water (in most countries), and they need the hull cleaned. Cleaning is an essential task that every boat and ship owner wants to finish early to sail through the river or ocean, as soon as the winter is over. Cleaning is a complex task to do for boats, and having a dedicated staff for cleaning can be costly for most boats. Therefore, they look for a third party cleaning service.

Besides, boat cleaning service is needed for the boats hauled out of water for mid-season repairs. Boat operators usually need cleaning services for various things, such as the decks, the sleeping quarters, and other areas. You can connect with boat owners who have boats sitting in their yards. Besides, if you are financially equipped, you can consider marketing your boat cleaning service.

#3. Business Plan Service

If you are skilled enough to create a soup-to-nuts business plan, you can make good money out of it. Along with a business plan, you can also consider providing everything that a business plan needs. For example, you can consider providing market research, narratives for specific business plans along with financial statements.

There are two ways you can make money out of this business: first, you can provide a pre-made business plan which includes everything that a business commonly needs. Second, you can offer business plans and editing services to customize that plan according to the clients’ requirements. Keep business plan samples ready to show customers and add everything they want.

#4. Party Planner for Children

Did you know on average, every American spends $500 on his children’s birthday party? In fact, children’s birthday party business is the most significant industry in the US. Every mom and dad want to give their kids the best memorable moments. Most importantly, today’s parents hardly have time to plan and organize all this stuff. Even if they have time, they wish to make their children’s party creative enough.

That can be the best opportunity for those looking for a part-time or full-time business in this segment. Children’s party planning businesses require not more than $2000 to begin with.

Importantly, you don’t need the dedicated office to operate this business. You can successfully run this business from your home. 

All you need is creative birthday ideas as you have to organize from birthday theme, food to entertainment.  

#5. Dump Truck Business

The dump truck business is an all-season business; you need no extra effort to initiate this. All you need is to buy a truck, get a license, permit, build connections with manufacturing, construction, and mining companies, and get started. Buy a new (if financially equipped) truck or start with a used truck.

However, if you look at this business from a broader perspective, you can consider starting this business after making a good plan. Marketing your dump truck business will help you grow your business and keep you profitable.

#6. Drive-in Movie Theaters

As coronavirus is still growing, people avoid going to the standard movie theatre. Drive-in movie theatre has seen a significant rise and success in the last one year. Importantly, you may not need to make a lot of arrangements like you have to do with standard theatres. A large ground makes people feel safe as they can gather and watch movies from their own cars.

It will be an excellent idea for those looking to take their family and friends to the movies. Even though you may need a little fund to start this business, banks and investors can support you with the initial investment. If you have a large piece of land, then the startup cost would be minimal.


Here you have to top 6 startup ideas that you can invest in to make the best out of the corona crisis. Whatever business you choose, make sure that you are dedicated to it. Undoubtedly, you have to put extra effort into achieving business success during economic collapse as most other established businesses are closed. Various other new startups would have been aspiring to do the same.

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