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FREE Shipping: Minimum Order $150.

Perfect Pillow Policy: FREE pillow Adjustment for 1 Year

Natural Nights® Organic Pillow Protectors

Standard Queen King Euro

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Standard - 23136620740656

Queen - 23136626704432

King - 23136626737200

Euro - 40107725357104



Perfect Pillow Policy: FREE pillow Adjustment for 1 year

Product Description

This all natural Certified Organic pillow protector is designed to extend the life or your pillow.

Also designed specifically using a lightweight, tightly woven batiste cotton. Batiste is one of the finest kinds of cloth you can use for bedding which why we use it for our luxury pillow protector.

Our Natural Nights® Collection is for those looking for a pillow without pesticides, insecticides or fungicides and no ammonia, chlorine compounds, optical brighteners.

One (1) pillow protector. Sold Individually. Will ship separately.

Q: What is Natural Nights®

Natural Nights® is our all natural certified organic brand of luxury down bedding. Snuggle Soft is a traditionally designed pearl white oeko-text® standard 100 shell

Q: What does 'all natural' and 'certified organic' mean?

That means the cotton used to make our Natural Nights® Collection pillow shell contains no; pesticides, insecticides or fungicides. During fabric finishing no ammonia, optical brighteners, chlorine compounds or chlorinated hydrocarbons were used.

Q: Why does it look to be a different color?

Our Natural Nights® Collection is an ivory in color and have a light green piping around the perimeter for strength and durability.

Q: Is Natural Nights® GOTS Certified?

Yes, if your looking for a certified organic all natural pillow you have found it. Maybe you already have organic fitted sheets, flat sheet, cases and covers but can't find the perfect all natural pillow? Well now you have.

Q: Care Instructions

Pillow protectors, with zippers, and pillow cases, without zippers, should be washed every week with the rest of your bed sheets; fitted, flat, duvet covers.

We highly recommend 'warm' water and not 'hot' water. Over time hot water will break down the fibers and cause the pillow case to shrink making your pillow sleep firmer than designed.

Perfect Pillow Policy We make perfect pillows

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